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Our management team's years of experience are able to provide professional service for all your property's needs. We pride ourselves on providing quality service for both the owner as well as the tenant at an affordable price. Knowing that your property is in the care of a professional, licensed property manager provides you with the peace of mind an owner needs.

Pierce Property Management offers different types of services.

Full-Time Management Service

Pierce Property Management’s full-time service includes all aspects of managing your property.  This includes, but is not limited to, advertising (which includes professional photographs being taken of the property for the website), showing the property, screening applicants, collecting rent monthly, move-in and move-out walkthroughs as well as periodic checks on the property, handling maintenance requests, disbursing funds to owners monthly and depositing directly into their account.

To utilize our services today, please contact our Broker or Associate Broker at 928-445-8750 or complete and submit the inquiry form.

Leasing Service

Our leasing service includes advertising (which includes professional photographs being taken of the property for the website), screening applicants, collecting deposit monies and the first month’s rent and preparing and signing the Lease-Rental Agreement.  After move-in, the tenant will send all future rent payments directly to the owner and will contact the owner directly for any maintenance, questions or concerns.  We also offer a limited leasing service for owners who prefer to advertise and show the property themselves.  We will screen the tenant, prepare and sign the Lease-Rental Agreement as well as collect deposit monies and the first month’s rent.

To utilize our services today, please contact our Broker or Associate Broker at 928-445-8750 or complete and submit the inquiry form.

Vacant Home Caretaker Service

We also have a service available for those owners who do not reside in their property on a year-round basis and do not want to rent it out.  We will check on the property for the owner on an agreed schedule to ensure there are no problems in the owner’s absence.  This will include, but is not limited to, checking to make sure doors and windows are secure, there are no active, visible water leaks, checking heat settings if needed, and running water to prevent sewer gases from entering the home if the home has not been winterized.

If you are interested in this service, contact our Broker or Associate Broker today at 928-445-8750 for additional information.


All of our property managers are licensed real estate agents as well.  With their knowledge of the properties, we feel they can provide quality work and personal attention to their clients.  Working with the tenants, our property managers can effectively lessen the stress on the tenants as well as the owners when an owner lists their property for sale.  They can also provide a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for owners interested in selling.

If you are interested in this service, contact our broker today at 928-445-8750 for additional information.

Inquire About Our Services


To utilize our services today, please contact our broker at 928-445-8750 or complete the appropriate paperwork below and return it to our office with your set-up fee/reserve check.

Full-Time Management Packet+

Below please find our management packet for completion.  Any documents notated with an asterisk (*) are required and need to be completed.  If your property was built prior to 1978, the Lead Paint Disclosure will need to be completed as well.  If you would like your property advertised on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for realtors, complete and return the MLS Authorization form.  Unless the property has a well, you will also need to complete the appropriate water landlord agreement for the city/town your property is located in.  In addition, if your property is located within the city/town limits, you will also need to complete the appropriate tax forms. 

To start utilizing our services, complete and return the required documents to our office along with the $300 set-up fee and $250 reserve.  The set-up fee includes all advertising costs as well as professional photographs of the property for advertising.

If you have any questions on our services, paperwork or would like to schedule an appointment to meet with us, please contact our broker at 928-445-8750.

Downloadable Documents

We DO NOT charge fees for:

  • Maintenance supervision or maintenance mark up
  • Contract cancellation fees after 90 days
  • Lease renewals
  • Fees for managing a property during vacancy
  • Advertising

Leasing Service Packet+

Below is our leasing packet for owners who prefer to manage their own property but would like to use our services to find their tenant.  To get signed up today, please contact our broker at 928-445-8750 to schedule an appointment or fill out the enclosed paperwork and return it to our office with the $150 set-up fee and $150 reserve.  The set-up fee includes all advertising and professional photographs of the property for advertising.

Downloadable Documents

For documents for Limited Leasing Service or Vacant Home Caretaker Services, please contact our office.

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Own A Rental Property+

  1. Are you forced to keep up with the ever-changing fair housing laws and other legislation regarding tenancy, including lead-based paint and toxic mold policies?
  2. Are you concerned about the possibility of a tenant suing you...and winning?
  3. Do you have to deal with the collection of rents, late payments, and bounced checks?
  4. Do you dread confrontation with tenants, trying to convince them to take care of the property better or start paying their rent on time?
  5. Do you cross your fingers, hoping that you won't have to deal with the move-out / advertising / move-in process that occur between tenants?
  6. Do you struggle with the process of advertising and showing your vacant home, interviewing tenants, taking applications, and running credit and background checks?
  7. Do you sometimes feel that you spend all of your time collecting checks, paying vendors, and performing all of the accounting necessary on your rental?

What We Do For You+

  1. Keep on top of regional, state, and federal landlord/tenant law and legislative issues facing property owners and tenants.
  2. Track vacancy rates, vacancy factors, time-on- market, and rent values for the area, and effectively market your home with print and the Internet.
  3. Create and maintain relationships with qualified vendors, including painters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, appliance repairmen, handymen, and more.
  4. Provide appropriate rental applications and forms that, along with a consistent screening process, ensure the highest quality tenants while conforming to all applicable laws.
  5. Provide a Lease-Rental Agreement, collect and account for rent monies and ensure tenants abide to the lease terms.
  6. Perform complete accounting for your property, to ensure a maximum return on your investment and optimum tax benefit.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Management Companies+

  1. Personalized, attentive service with thorough communication.
  2. Expert knowledge of the industry and local real estate market.
  3. Experience dealing with all kinds of property and tenancy issues.
  4. Established relationships with local services providers of all types.
  5. Multiple members of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) including RMP (Residential Management Professional) designations.

Prescott Area Information

Prescott Property Managers

Prescott has many Victorian style homes. Prescott has 809 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.

Prescott is home to the downtown historical area known as Whiskey Row, until 1956 a notorious red-light district. In 1900, a great fire destroyed almost all of the buildings on Whiskey Row, including the 1891 Hotel Burke, advertised as "the only absolutely fireproof building in Prescott". By legend, the patrons of the various bars simply took their drinks across the street to the Courthouse square and watched it burn. At the time of the fire, the entire bar and back-bar of the Palace Hotel was removed to the square by the patrons as the fire approached, re-installing it after the gutted brick structure was rebuilt. (The size of the back-bar is impressive, and appears not easily moved, even by many hands.) Whiskey Row runs north and south on Montezuma St. between Gurley and Goodwin St., directly west of the county courthouse. This single city block has been the home of the St. Michael's Hotel (formerly the Hotel Burke) and the Palace Hotel since the late 19th century, along with other colorful purveyors of night-life. Merchant Sam Hill's large hardware store was located near Whiskey Row. Source From Wikipedia

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